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As one of the lowest emitters of C02 among the nation's energy producers, Avista is among the greenest utilities in the country. But what exactly does being green mean, and why do we care about the environment here at Avista? The answer is part of a bigger story, one that we've championed for a long time, because environmental stewardship isnt just something we do, it's a part of who we are as a company.

Our vision of a greener future started long ago, with the completion of our Monroe Street hydroelectric facility on the Spokane River in 1890 and it continues today, as we lead the way in exploring clean, renewable and smart energy options.

That vision also is evident in our commitment to protect the natural resources that help provide power to people and communities throughout the northwest. When our customers flip a light switch or turn the heat on in the winter, they can be assured that the energy behind it is generated and delivered with a philosophy of stewardship. The practical, daily work of stewardship ultimately leads to a healthier environment and lower costs for our customers.


  • Stewardship
  • Recycling
  • Environment
  • Sustainability

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