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About Us

Idaho Forest Group is firmly rooted in the traditions of the Idaho lumber industry, when businesses gave their word and stood behind every product
We continue that tradition today by providing true value to our customers - providing the highest quality product at a fair price and standing behind every load.

At Idaho Forest Group, we are focused on the future of our customers and our industry.
Our philosophy of quality is behind every decision we make. We realize the important role that high-quality lumber can play for our customers, which is why our quality standards exceed industry-accepted allowances


  • Chilco Mill - 4447 E. Chilco Road, Athol, ID 208-255-3220
  • Grangeville Mill - 171 Hwy 95 N. Grangeville, ID 208-983-0012
  • Laclede Mill - 30 Riley Creek Park Drive, Laclede, ID 208-255-3220
  • Moyie Springs Mill - 3082 Roosevelt Road, Moyie Springs, ID 208-255-3250

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